Brazilian? Tight Bikini? Bikini?

Brazilian Wax

At HotWax, our Brazilian wax removes all the hair, including the hair in between the buttocks. Yes, hair does grow there. You may request a “landing strip” or triangle to be left on top, too. Please don’t be embarrassed when you’re asked to pull your knees to your chest. The good news is, this part isn’t painful for most people.

Tight Bikini

This wax leaves a landing strip or large or thin (your preference) triangle then goes in extremely tight to the labia area, and then the hair is removed from in between the buttocks.


At Hotwax, the hair visible outside the panty line is removed. Most often, we do a high and tight bikini so you get a little more bang for your buck!

* You many wear underwear during this service but we can work faster, if you don’t. There’s no shyness rule at HotWax 🙂